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What's New: Health Information Exchange CoP

CMS and the Medicaid EHR Team (MeT) appreciate your participation in the Community of Practice (CoP) meetings.

For the February 25th HIE CoP, staff from the California Office of Health Information Integrity will present on the State Health Information Guidance (SHIG). The SHIG grew out of comprehensive research, drawing from a broad group of stakeholders that reflect cross-industry insights and experience, to get a clear understanding of the problems different groups were facing in the field.

    • Provides an authoritative but non-binding guidance from the State of California written in plain language for a general audience
    • Explains when, where, and why mental health and substance use disorder information can be exchanged
    • Provides clarification of state and federal laws
    • Contains 22 scenarios derived from real user stories, which clarify how laws apply to actual situations that arise for care providers

If you have any questions for CMS and this HIE CoP meeting, please send these to

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