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If you have any questions regarding the CoP meetings, please email:

Welcome to the Communities of Practice! (CoP)

Each community has been created with the intent for a group of State Medicaid Agencies (SMAs), who share a common interest in a specific topic, to network and share information in a timely manner. Through sharing of information and experiences, community members learn from each other, and the group can evolve and grow as interactive participation in the Community of Practice increases.

There are bi-monthly interactive CoP meetings, held as webinars, to review and discuss information, provide SMAs with access to CMCS Liaisons and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), as well as access to other SMA experienced staff.

The bi-monthly CoP meetings will evolve to include issues that are brought up in the CoP Web site forums or blogs.

This CoP Web site is created to be a repository for presentations, your state documents or templates you want to share with other SMAs, questions and answers from CoP meetings, and forums and blogs to actively interact with other SMAs, CMCS, and SMEs.